Coffee with bite!

Barking Dog Coffee came from humble beginnings 10 years ago when we acquired a passion for roasting our own quality coffee beans. Starting with a small rotisserie oven and an empty tin which was converted into a roasting container by a family member who is an engineer, we started producing small batches of beans for our own personal use.

The knowledge and finer details of coffee, and coffee roasting itself, were developed through research, generous advice from a couple of work colleagues and countless hours of practice.  

All this practice kept family and friends supplied with fresh, quality coffee, and in turn they supplied us with valuable feedback to help us perfect our roasting. Our passion kept growing as did our skills and knowledge, thanks to the influences of prominent Australian baristas and coffee roasters. One of which generously took me on a tour through his roastery, which is a magnificent set up, this inspired me to buy a roaster of our own and get serious about fulfilling our dream.